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When compared to any other food, industrial hemp seed clearly stands alone as the most significant nutritional food source for humans. We were guided to name the industrial hemp seed as a separate food category so that it could be clearly identified from its thousands of other uses. Three distinct cultures have embraced the hemp plant as sacred. The Fakirs in India called it “BAAA;” the Hunas in Hawaii called it “HOOO;” the Lamas in Tibet called it “JAAA.” BAHUJATM was created in reverence to be the highest calibrated sound to express the significance of hemp seed as “the closest thing to God in food form.”

Note: calibrations of all foods dramatically increases to over 900 if we bless them first with exception of GMO foods that stay around 200 or less. 60% of these foods consumed in the USA are GMO.



Animal Products: Even though some raw animal products seem to have a good source of protein including a high ratio of essential amino acids compared to total protein, the % of saturated fats present out weigh the potential benefits especially when the products value is extremely diminished by typically cooking and there is an obvious shortage of essential fatty acids and fiber. This comparison does not take into consideration what these animals were fed and how they were treated. Dairy products are the major source of IBS. Therefore consumption of animal products is low in regards to balanced nutrition for humans.

Legumes: Typically, a superior carbohydrate and protein source, especially with regards to ratio of essential amino acids to total protein, they are a good source of minerals and B vitamins. Similar to animal products, their protein is complex, they are a poor source of EFAs and typical cooking damages their nutrients and renders their utilization low, however if sprouted to dissolve the enzyme inhibitors, can be an excellent source of nutrients. Soy, however has further complications with extensive genetic modifications and a huge presence of synthetic estrogen with as well naturally occurring MSG when processed making them a potential serious toxin with extended use. Therefore consumption of legumes especially soy without being sprouted first is not recommended.

Grains: This is the largest food group consumed by humans. These are a good source of protein and EAAs and a fair source of fats but other than the unique alkaline grains like Quinoa and Amaranth, they too have enzyme inhibitors that reduce nutrient absorption because rice, corn and wheat the major supply, they tend to be more of a sugar source, conducive to acidosis and act like glue in the bowel. Cooked grains are major contributors to allergies, bowel issues, arthritis and diabetes. Sprouted, they can be an excellent compliment to all meals and an excellent source of many nutrients, however not a great balance.

Nuts: Are an excellent source of protein, fats and minerals, even though they tend to be acidic and need soaking to remove enzyme inhibitors as well, they are a definite aspect of a balanced diet. The fat content is not the best balanced and typically favors the Omega 3 EFA, but they are typically rich in minerals and antioxidants and a good source of fiber and are obviously a high conscious food group. Eat them… always, especially after soaking and drying.

Oil Seeds: Are the most balanced and complete source of nutrients for the human body. The conscious level is very high and should be a large part of every diet. They tend to be acidic with the high content of fats and protein, but do not have enzyme inhibitors and are much easier to digest. Chia is the most balanced of all the seeds, and is especially high in EAAs compare to total protein with an ideally rare ratio of EFAs. They are high in minerals and phytonutrients; clearly an important part of the human diet. Then there is:

BAHUJA or Hemp Seed

When compared to any other food but grasses (high in chlorophyll which is short of iron to be chemically identical to human blood), Bahuja is clearly a stand alone food source, highest in consciousness and the most sustainable crop on earth with over 40,000 recorded uses. If you combined Chia seeds, wheat grass and flax into one plant, the result would be Bahuja… the name given to industrial hemp seed to separate it from the negative connotations of the psychoactive ingredient found in its cousin. Eating Bahuja simplifies and enhances the human life experience.

Hemp Heart Seeds Is Nature’s Perfect Food
· A super plant-based protein· Most balanced source of essential fatty acids (EFA) – omega 3, 6 & 9

· Contains all 20 amino acids including the 9 essential AA’s that the body cannot make

· Gluten free

· Vegan

· Non Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

· Easily digestible, high in fiber

· Provides an array of minerals including zinc, calcium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium & iron